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I started this business based on desire to send high quality wine in a personalized way to a dear friend suffering a recent loss. Read more about the story specifics in Chipmonkey Wine feature in Seattleite Magazine. In creating a very customized gift for this friend, it quickly occurred to me that wine pairs well with so much in life. From deeply trying moments such as bereaving a loss, challenging moments like navigating the dating world, coping with hormonal teenagers and dealing with crazy co-workers, to celebratory occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs and new homes, there really is a perfect wine or wines for everything. Here you'll find some of the more off-the-wall occasions to bring you a chuckle and a little gifting inspiration along the way. 


Hating Dating Chipmonkey Wine  Adults Who Halloween Man Flu Early Christmas Music  Black Friday Dry Turkey Chipmonkey Wine


Meddling Family Questions

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