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Frequently Asked Questions

All About Chipmonkey Wine

What's a Chipmonkey? 

Chipmonkey is a combination of chipmunk and monkey, the nicknames of our two kids. They are, after all, the reason we drink (wink)!


How/why did Chipmonkey Wine start?

Last year, my dear friend lost her husband to cancer. After the service she had mentioned she had a “go-to” wine. This was an easy to find, mass-produced label, that although isn’t known for quality, still carries an over $20 price tag. It struck me that although I couldn’t take her pain away, as a certified somm friend, I could at least send her better wine.


Soon after, I had 6 wines sent to her from a nearby winery. But that same night, at 3am, I woke up in a panic, feeling that my gift was such an inadequate, impersonal gesture. Thinking about our conversation after the service, it occurred to me that night itself, that I could pair the wines to her life. That morning I canceled the initial wine order and wrote her wine pairings that were relevant to her life. For example, I paired a light straw New Zealand Pinot Gris to the bleach blond first mustache hairs her oldest son was sprouting, as “although not a typical sommelier pairing technique, in this case I feel it’s best to match color to color.” To deter the many well-wishers who mean well but often overstay their welcome, I matched an robust Aussie Shiraz, because, “if your dark stained teeth don’t scare them away, at 15% alcohol, your slurring certainly will.” My hope was to just bring her a smile during such an unimaginably tough time.


On the encouragement of this dear friend and others, I turned this off-the-wall idea into a scale-able business, and developed a website where anyone can personally and easily send high quality wine for any number of life’s celebratory and/or challenging occasions. Enter Chipmonkey Wine, the most fun way to send unique wine gifts delivered that are delicious and personalized.


What Are Some of the Most Uniquely Gifted Occasions?

Although there are certainly some occasions that sell more often than others, it’s most fun to see (and write pairings for) the off the beaten path ones. “Sorry Dating Sucks” and “Sorry Your Baby Won’t Let You Sleep” are up there with two of our favorites that have been gifted. Probably because not that long ago we would have loved to receive both gifts! I think the biggest surprise has been how popular the “Sorry for Your Loss” occasion has been. But when I think about it, it shouldn’t be that surprising, seeing as it was the impetus for the whole business anyway.


We definitely work with the belief that all of life's moments should be celebrated — even the moments that usually aren't. So whether you’re saying thanks for the advice, offering a new business congrats, or saying congrats on the divorce, we’ll provide the wine. And if there's a moment we haven't celebrated yet, let us know by filling out our Custom Request Form and we'll make sure, "There's a Wine for That!"


What is the company's purpose and mission?

I used to think the purpose and mission of Chipmonkey Wine is to give the ability to send high quality, unique wine gifts, and to do so personally. Although that is how we go about it, our mission in the truest sense is to help you connect with your circle. Whether it be maintaining and nurturing friendships or strengthening client relationships, we want to help you deepen your connections with your tribe.


Does Chipmonkey Wine give back to the community?

I am passionate about wine, but also recognize that water is the only true liquid necessity in life. I hope to help increase clean water access world-wide through the financial support of charitable organizations committed this cause.

Please read more about why and how Chipmonkey Wine supports clean water initiatives here.


Questions about Ordering Our Wine Gifts...

Who's choosing the wines?

Every bottle is chosen by a team of Certified Sommeliers who know good wine and how to pair the right wine with every occasion.

Read more about what it takes to become a Certified Sommelier here.


Can I select specific wines to send?

Once you choose the life event you'd like to send wine for, you can select whether you'd like to send only red wine, only white wine, only sparkling wine, or a mix, as well as how many bottles you'd like to gift (1, 2, 3 or 6).

The exact wine we send will depend on the life event, as they are all hand-selected and paired with the occasion in mind. 

You can be assured we only send real wine from real wineries. We never gift bulk wine that is re-bottled or re-labeled to sell fast.

You can learn more about the wineries we're currently featuring, here.


Can the recipient return wine?

Our goal is to procure great wine at top provenance. On rare occasion, wine can be "corked" or flawed. In that case, please contact us for a refund. We cannot accept returns to accommodate taste preferences.

Click to see complete shipping and returns policy.


Can I ship wine to any state?

We currently ship to Washington State, Oregon, California, Nevada, DC, Florida, New Hampshire and Connecticut. Please check back often as we will add more states soon.

Gifts will be packaged and shipped within 1-3 business days of order receipt. Shipping is estimated at 1-4 business days (1-2 business day to WA and OR, 2-4 business days to CA and NV, 3 Day air to DC, FL, NH and CT. *Please note: on occasion, extreme warm or cold weather temperatures will delay shipping of the gift, as it is important we preserve the integrity of the wine. You will be notified if this occurs, along with the ability to cancel or modify your order.

See complete shipping and returns policy here.