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About Us

Welcome to Chipmonkey Wine!

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How/Why Did Chipmonkey Wine Start?

In 2018, my dear friend lost her husband to cancer. After the service she had mentioned she had a “go-to” wine. This was an easy to find, mass-produced label, that although isn’t known for quality, still carries an over $20 price tag. It struck me that although I couldn’t take her pain away, as a certified somm friend, I could at least send her better wine.

Soon after, I had 6 wines sent to her from a nearby winery. But that same night, at 3am, I woke up in a panic, feeling that my gift was such an inadequate, impersonal gesture. Thinking about our conversation after the service, it occurred to me that night itself, that I could pair the wines to her life. That morning I canceled the initial wine order and wrote her wine pairings that were relevant to her life. For example, I paired a light straw New Zealand Pinot Gris to the bleach blond first mustache hairs her oldest son was sprouting, as “although not a typical sommelier pairing technique, in this case I feel it’s best to match color to color.” To deter the many well-wishers who mean well but often overstay their welcome, I matched an robust Aussie Shiraz, because, “if your dark stained teeth don’t scare them away, at 15% alcohol, your slurring certainly will.” My hope was to just bring her a smile during such an unimaginably tough time. It worked.

On the encouragement of this dear friend and others, I turned this off-the-wall idea into a scale-able business, and developed a website where anyone can personally and easily send high quality wine for any number of life’s celebratory and/or challenging occasions.


Now I want to help YOU connect to those in your circle for any need that you might have. Enter Chipmonkey Wine, the most fun way to send unique wine gifts delivered for you that are delicious, personalized, and keep you connected!

What's a Chipmonkey?

Chipmonkey is a combination of chipmunk and monkey, the nicknames of our two kids. They are, after all, the reason we drink (wink)!

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